Customer Supplied Parts

Will we install customer supplied parts?

The simple answer is no.  Installing customer supplied parts creates a lot of challenges for an automotive shop and we found it is best just not to do it.


Where we will shop for and install parts based on their fit finish and longevity, your average buyer will shop for price.  Even though you think you are getting a great deal with that online special or local parts store brand part when it comes to value you normally will come up short.  We only install parts we know will not only work properly but will fit correctly and last as long or longer than the original part.


Our customers come to us because they know they will receive the correct repair at a fair price and we will stand behind the work we perform.  If we start installing parts from our customers, we may be replacing incorrect parts or parts that aren’t even needed to solve the issue at hand.  We need to correctly identify the correct repair and then install a new part that we are not only confident will take care of the problem but will be trouble free for years to come.


Under most state laws the shop is responsible for any repair they perform regardless of how the replacement parts are obtained.  The shop owner could run into difficulty with their insurance company if a customer supplied part fails and causes property damage or personal injury.  Shops also have warranty coverage through their parts supplier that usually cannot be obtained through the private source.


It is our top priority to provide our customers with the best service experience we can.  We have gone through a lot of trial and error over the years and know what parts we can obtain that meet our standards of fit, function and reliability.  Paying us a little extra to perform your vehicle repairs completely will always be the best value in the long run.


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