Be weary of car repair phone quotes!

When it comes to servicing your vehicle the first thing that comes to mind is “What is this going to cost me?”  We understand this completely, however, giving an accurate quote for your specific need isn’t as simple as dollars and cents.  Car repairs are not much different than doctor visits.

You would not want your doctor to recommend and quote a procedure to you with out first verifying the need and circumstances surrounding your condition.  That is why we cannot accurately quote a repair without first inspecting your unique vehicle.  Driving habits, conditions and prior maintenance all factor into what specific items your vehicle may need.

I just need a price?

Depending on what shops you call, you may or may not get the quote you are asking for. We always have our customers best interests in mind.  Performing an unneeded or sub-par repair for a low price doesn’t benefit either of us.  What you will hear from us is to bring your vehicle in so we can properly diagnose it and provide you with an accurate price.

Each Vehicle Is Unique

We believe in giving you a price that is accurate to your specific vehicle and its particular condition. Every vehicle and its condition can vary. The care with which you drive and treat your vehicle is different than what other people do. Your vehicle’s condition is unique to you and for that reason, we need to see it in person to see what condition it’s in and determine what repairs are needed.

An Accurate Price

We have found that too many shops will quote you the main component of a repair but leave out details such as related services, additional parts required during a particular repair and their taxes and supply charges.

We want to make sure that the price we give you is accurate and we can only do that by inspecting the vehicle in person. Although you may tell us what the issue is, we might find something else that is needed. Or in some cases find a more favorable solution that will be at a different price point.

It’s best to know the first time exactly what your vehicle needs.

A Correct Diagnosis

We cannot give you a price based on someone else’s diagnosis. You know there is something wrong with your vehicle and may have an idea what it is, but for us to know exactly what it is we need to inspect and diagnose your vehicle ourselves.

We know cars and we are confident that we will discover what is wrong with your car. However, each shop and each mechanic works differently. Their diagnostic may be different than ours. They may not be able to see what we see. Or in some cases, you may have received a quote from another shop and think some of the things aren’t needed; it makes you feel like they’re taking advantage of you. We are committed to full transparency and will only quote the items needed and recommend additional work that makes sense when completing the repair.

Apples and Oranges

We have found that people have been trained to call around and find a shop that gives the lowest number. This is not always the best way to find a reliable shop. No two shops are alike, so using this method is not comparing apples to apples.

For example, you call two different shops in Mesa, AZ and one gives you a quote using a low-quality part and the other shop uses a high-quality part. You will get two different prices, for what in your mind is the same part. Or perhaps one shop left off a key part of the repair, while the other shop did not. One shop might quote their price including tax, while the other did not. As you can see, it can get real messy and none of the quotes can be accurately compared.

There are many situations when an over the phone quote is useful. However, when it comes to auto repair, it is best to do it in person.  We want to give a real-world diagnosis of your vehicle’s needs and provide you with an accurate, competitive and real value quote. Truthfully, we want to see you, we want to meet you and we want to hear from you what’s going on and not just take care of your car, but take great care of you.


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